Allods Online sets sail for a new destination!

Greetings, brave Sarnautians!

The time for change has arrived in Allods Online!

We would like to give the greatest of thanks to all the players who have enjoyed and supported Allods Online during its time here at gPotato. The time has come, however, for Allods Online to leave the gPotato family and find a new home. will strive to maintain the dedicated support all our players have come to expect. Click the button above to access your account. You will then be directed to the Account Transfer page to complete your registration with Check out our FAQ below if you have any problems!

We're cooking up some exclusive offers for you as a reward for your support of Allods Online here with us at gPotato!

We will be offering you exclusive early access to Archlord II in the coming months. Keep an eye on our website for more news on this project! We hope you will join us in this new adventure!

And why not try out Age of Wulin under the best possible conditions? All Allods Online players that have been active in the last six months will be eligible for VIP status in Age of Wulin. Check out the video below, and take a look at the Official Site.

Fair winds and following seas!

FAQ – Allods Online operations will be transferred to and its affiliates

If / when I transfer, am I going to lose my gPotato account or its balance?

No. Your account on the gPotato portal will still exist. Your balance is safe and will remain unaffected.

Once my account is transferred, am I going to lose my characters or any of their inventories?

No. Your avatars, their progression and your belongings are all safely stored in the Allods Online database, which we will transfer to Your gaming experience will be exactly the same.

Is the next expansion going to be delayed?

No. As you can see we are promoting it jointly with at the moment. They are really excited about unveiling this new chapter to you guys!

I didn’t log into the game before the transfer happened and I missed the in-game transfer tool, can I still transfer?

Yes, you can. A webpage will provide the same opportunity and will be available after March 18th and for a longer period of time. Past that time, you will still be able to contact support for help.

I have unspent gPotato currently on my account, what am I supposed to do with them?

Of course, that’s your decision but here is what we would recommend:
  • You can use them to purchase items in the Allods Boutique now and avail of our current sales and promotions.
  • You can convert them into Allods Boutique Coins, so they will be transferred along with your characters on March 18th. Keep in mind this option will not be available after that date.
  • You can keep them in order to use them on any of our other current or future games!

I have a pending support ticket. What’s going to happen to it?

The Allods support team will do its best to help you out until the very end of our service. In the unlikely case where we don’t manage to complete it, we will communicate your situation to the support representatives.

Ok, so not a lot will change, right?

That’s right. You should keep on enjoying Allods and the last events our community team has been preparing for you! We hope you’ll be curious about what Webzen has in store for you in 2014 since we’ll be announcing a lot of good stuff. It’s going to be an avalanche of surprises!